You Choose how fast you loose
20 - 30 - 40
The Kremlin Diet
Low Carb - Nutrition Focused Diet
No beets -- No Cabbage
(unless you want some)
Diet that
Never makes you feel the pangs of hunger

(Snacks allowed)

Top Secret Russian Diet
Now Translated into English

Commissioned by the Kremlin Bosses.

Restricted to:

Balanced and focused to:
About the Translator.

Tatiana is a well educated Russian woman (Just short of a PHD from one of Russia's finest universities.) She was one of the first to use the Kremlin Diet after it was discovered in some "To be Destroyed" party documents.  Her success, as well as some others she knows was so tremendous and lasting that she took it upon herself to translate it into several languages including English.
Ever Wonder why all the Russian women that we saw prior to 1991 were slim, firm figured, clear skinned and beautiful.  It was by design, and a big, very closely guarded, secret part of that design was the Kremlin Diet.  

And now YOU can be among the first outside Russia to join that elite group.  Click here to start now!
Tatiana is currently negotiation with a couple of large diet industry firms for publication rights to her translation. (In conflict with pressure to remove it from the marketplace totally.)

Developed by an elite group of Russian Doctors.

More than 30 years ago the inner circle of the Communist Party in Moscow, the Kremlin bosses, secretly commissioned a group of the top doctors in Moscow to create a special dietary system for use only by the highest and most loyal officials of the party, and their wives and girlfriends.... and by loyal party members who were groomed to be the "face of the USSR" to be shown to the world.

When the Communist party left power and the USSR was separated into many countries, this diet, along with many other documents were to be destroyed.  However a few years ago some researchers at the university where Tatiana was a professor discovered this diet and made it available to the university staff.

Restricted to the inner circle.

During the reign of Communism in the USSR it was very important to have beautiful, young-looking, fine figured wives and girlfriends. (Surprise, surprise, Bill Clinton did not invent the concept.)  Not only to show the outside world, but it set the leadership up above the common person on the street as a role model to be emulated.

Thus, this diet was a closely guarded secret held securely within the group of the most elite party officials.  If the secret got out to the common people, it would soften the line between leadership and the rest of the people.

All Beautiful People.

Think back, if you are old enough, to the time when the USSR was strong and growing.  All the Russian women on stage with the political heads of state, the Athletes we saw at the Olympics, the Russian Movie start... were all young looking, firm bodied and healthy women.  Perhaps it was because they knew something we did not.  Click here to join their elite look.

Get the look: (and the looks)  By design the Kremlin Diet guides you along an nutritional path that not only drops your weight, but also provides what it takes to make you look wholesome and desirable.

When I come to the university to be professor of health and foods I was very large woman. (over 90 kg.)  At the university my friends found this diet and gave copy to me.  In the first three months I did 20 of my kg loose.  To my much happiness my waist did smaller, my butt did smaller, but my breasts only a little smaller did.  And they did not soft.

For last two years I did make my goal to more slowly k gs to go away.  Now my weight is 61 kg and I looks good at 163 cm tall. Mine little waist and smooth skin makes me a lot of looks from guys ( even my age over 35... smile.)  Diet make me happy woman

Olga, professor of health and foods
Rostov university, Russia

Avoid The Flab.
Most weight loss programs allows for soft tissue to float just below your skin causing a obvious flabby look.  The Doctors who designed this program put in safeguards to keep the sub-dermal tissues firm and smooth. (No "hail damage" look on the thighs.)

No "Elephant Skin".
No matter how fast you choose to loose your weight, the plan balances the nutrients to keep your skin size following your dress size, and young and healthy looking.   No extra skin hanging around.

And, perhaps the most important... Because you are never hungry, you will NOT Catapult to a higher weight if you go off the Plan. (But it is so comfortable, you will not want to give it up.)
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